Why Do I Need an Advisor?

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xlBusiness Advisors  is a professional Business Coaching and Advisory firm that “works with Owners to build a sustainable, profitable and valuable business to help them attain Personal and Financial Freedom.”

As the family owned business moves from the startup stage towards maturity it is under increased pressure to define and implement more formal strategies, policies and business practices. The Owner is faced with increasingly complex scenarios that may lead to conflict between the Stakeholders – the Family, the Owners and the Company. Understanding, managing and monitoring the interactions and interdependencies of the Stakeholders will contribute significantly to the family business’s long-term success and sustainability.

You know the deal, business owners get themselves wrapped up in the daily operations of their companies and end up being “owned” by their company instead of the other way around.

Goals are set,  intentions are great. Then “life happens” and work becomes all about fixing problems rather than reaching goals and developing the business. Optimism and enthusiasm are replaced with anxiety, stress, frustration, or at best, acceptance of mediocrity. Profits are smaller than they should be, opportunities are missed and owning a business loses its appeal.

As an  Owner, are you facing these Barriers to Success?

  1. Implementing a Management System that supports growth, value creation and staff development that enables you to achieve Personal and Financial Freedom.
  2. A process to define, implement and monitor the 3-5 year, one year, and quarterly Plan?
  3. Efficient and effective operational systems (marketing and sales; finance and accounting; manufacturing and distribution) to support the Plan?
  4. Policies for Owner and Family members to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities?
  5. A Transition Plan, commonly referred to as a Succession or Exit Plan?
  6. Developing a strong, loyal Team?
  7. Building strong Leaders and corporate culture?
  8. Increasing profits/profit margins, EBITDA and enterprise Value?
  9. Cost management and containment?
  10. Building the Value of your business?
  11. Expansion (product, services, geographic)?
  12. Improving the quality of your customer service?
  13. Recruiting, evaluating, hiring, training, retaining, terminating employees?
  14. Cash management?
  15. Gaining control of the work-home life balance?

If you continue to try and tackle these Barriers alone, it’s likely you’ll continue to repeat the past; wasted time, wasted money, wasted opportunity and added stress. Your xlBusiness Advisor will work with you to overcome these Barriers thus enabling you to attain Personal and Financial Freedom.


 Build | Grow | Exit

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